Equilibrium Scholarship Recipients

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Equilibrium School is pleased to inform you that the talented pianist Nikolai Nesterov is the recipient of the 2022 Equilibrium School “Pay It Forward Like Dina Would” scholarship awarded to outstanding individuals.

The 2022 scholarship is dedicated to the loving memory of Equilibrium School’s friend Dr. Dale Lonis, musician, conductor, and teacher for whom Equilibrium School is forever grateful for the amazing collaboration and commitment to helping our staff and teachers be better educators.

As a recipient of our scholarship, Nikolai was asked to professionally record three mini piano concerts for our staff, teachers, and students. Each piece is recorded as a separate video which can be watched at any time by simply pressing a link. We are very grateful for all the help our recipient received during the recording of his pieces from Han Ding, a classical pianist, composer, multimedia visual artist, and teacher who recorded Nikolai’s concerts in his studio. Nikolai chose to play Chopin, Bach, and Liszt. We hope everyone will enjoy his performance as it is astounding.

Frederic Chopin – Ballade No. 3 in A-flat, Op. 47

J. S. Bach – Tocatta in E minor, BWV 914

Franz Liszt – Venezia e Napoli