Equilibrium's GED Test Preparation

GED stands for General Educational Development. It is a credential equal to a high school diploma and provides mature Albertans with the opportunity to earn high school equivalence standing which may assist them in qualifying for better jobs or for work promotions.

The GED is a comprehensive test designed to measure students' knowledge of all the major subject areas that have been mastered during high school. The GED has five sections: Science, Math, Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, and Social Studies.

What We Offer:

Equilibrium’s GED Prep Classes give students a head start by covering all material from the five sections of the test: Language Arts Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Lessons are divided into these five categories. Essay composition coaching is also covered in great detail, as it is included within the Language Arts Writing section.

Because the GED exam is very formulaic (many of the multiple choice questions are of the same information, type, or style), students are able to review all necessary information and apply it to practice tests and exercises in class with an instructor on a one-on-one basis. Feedback is immediate.

With this GED program, you receive:

  • One-on-one coaching from a professional;
  • flexible start and end dates;
  • customized program length to fit the individual's schedule;
  • Distance learning through Skype of Zoom (if preferred)

For the program's cost, please contact Equilibrium.

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