Student Guidance and Counselling


Equilibrium School's student guidance and counselling program began with the goal of enhancing student learning and overall wellness at Equilibrium School. The setting of this goal resulted from a noticeably growing need for more easily accessible services relating to the addressing of student concerns, issues, and questions. Specifically, these relate to individual learning needs, personal and social challenges, future employment planning and goal setting as well as questions regarding where, how, and when to access other community and government services.


All students attending classes at Equilibrium School are required to meet with the school's counsellor shortly after the commencement of their first week of classes. During this meeting, the school counsellor will conduct a brief student wellness assessment on the new student, and attempt to identify any issues or concerns that the student may require assistance addressing, or any issues or concerns that may impact learning and future employment.

Once an initial student wellness assessment has been completed, the school counsellor will continue to meet the student as required to follow up with any issues or concerns that arose from the initial assessment.

The school counsellor will also meet with individual students prior to the completion of their programs in order to offer guidance with regard to post-training plans and goals, resume and cover letter creation, assistance with job searching, and also to conduct an exit interview designed to assess student progress resulting from Equilibrium programs, and gauge overall satisfaction regarding the student experience at Equilibrium School.

Accessibility and Confidentiality

All Equilibrium students can also access the school counsellor at any time during their programs, and also for a period of one month following the completion of their programs. Students can access the school counsellor by making an appointment through the school's registration coordinator.

All student / school counsellor interactions and meetings are confidential. The nature and content of the interactions and meetings will not be shared with any third party, unless legally necessary, or if requested specifically by the individual student.

All interactions between Equilibrium students and the school counsellor are documented by the school counsellor, and kept inside the school counsellor's secured file cabinet.


The school counsellor is available and mandated to assist Equilibrium students with the following issues and concerns:

  • Issues and concerns affecting the desire of a positive learning environment (ex: classroom environment, student/teacher conflicts, student/student conflicts, school resources, planning regarding progression through the different levels of Equilibrium classes, requests to change academic levels or classes, and any other issue that may impact the student's satisfaction with Equilibrium's programs and services)
  • Information regarding / connections and referrals to community and government agencies, programs, services, and resources either at the request of the student or the discretion of the school counsellor
  • Post-training goals and plans, as well as questions regarding future training and employment options
  • Resume and cover letter creation and improvement
  • Issues, concerns and questions related to settlement in Canada, Canadian culture, and official Canadian systems
  • Requests for guidance and support regarding personal and domestic issues, concerns, and challenges
  • Assistance with the completion of official forms and documents - Any other issue or concern affecting a student's wellness or learning

The school counsellor will address any of the above issues in a manner tailored to an individual student's needs, and make referrals to other professionals if necessary (ex: mental health concerns requiring specific professional intervention, issues requiring specific assistance from legal professionals, domestic issues that may require connection with government agencies, and etc.)

Inquiries can be made to:

School Counsellor
Equilibrium School
707 14th Street NW
Calgary AB T2N 2A4
Phone: 403-283-1111
Fax: 403-270-7786

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