Graduate Studies Preparatory Program

The Graduate Studies in Business Preparation Program at Equilibrium School is designed to assist students who are preparing to undertake business oriented GRADUATE studies in Canada.

This program focuses on enhancing the skills needed for success in graduate level business studies programs and is delivered through the following two academic semesters of six months each.

Semester ONE

Students will receive courses of instruction focused on achieving success on the GMAT examination. This examination is essential for any student who wishes to undertake graduate level studies in business. During this semester, students will learn: exam taking skills and strategies which are necessary for success on the GMAT, engage themselves in simulated practice GMAT examinations, and develop the skills and abilities that GMAT examination tests.

Mid-way through semester ONE, students will be registered to take the actual GMAT examination and will write the actual GMAT examination shortly after the completion of semester ONE.

Semester TWO

Students will receive courses on instruction which focus on enhanced preparation for graduate level studies in business. This semester will develop and enhance student skills and abilities in areas such as: academic writing (including proper referencing and citing of academic materials), academic reading comprehension, effective study habits, academic research skills, presentations, critical thinking, and time management. All of these skills are essential for students wishing to enjoy success in graduate level business studies programs.

The program is designed to be completed after the conclusion of TWO standard academic semesters of five months each.

To be accepted into this program, prospective students must be at least 18 years of age, in possession of a high school diploma or GED, and demonstrate a desire to develop a career in the business world. All prospective students are required to submit an essay outlining their reasons for taking this course prior to admission. Previous post-secondary education and/or business related work experience is recommended, but not mandatory for admission.

Prospective students with high school diplomas and other credentials issued outside of Canada must provide validated proof of their credentials and have their credentials translated into English (if issued in a different language) from a verified and approved translator. Details regarding this process can be obtained from Equilibrium School.

The program is delivered entirely in English and, as a result, ALL prospective students with native languages other than English (and regardless of their nationality and status in Canada) must provide proof of English language proficiency, which meets or exceeds one or both of the following language proficiency requirements:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5 in each skill/category (written within the last 12 months)
  2. Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment Score of min 6 in each section (written within the last 12 months)

For the program's cost, please contact Equilibrium.

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